Why does my man act like this?

Like I married a momma's boy which I didn't know he was one until few months or weeks later, and he is 22 years old, and I'm the same age and we was both born on the same year, Except he is one month older then me. Well, while we were heading to get me a car cuz I was getting tired of my old one, but anyways I was sitting upfront with him while we was on our way to get his mom and we'll when we arrived there she walked outside to the car and she wanted to sit upfront with my husband, which we had enough room in the back, and she acting like she couldn't fit back there and I was upset because he made me move to the back {:-( which I was hurt cause he did me like that. cuz I wanted to stay up there with him cuz he is my husband, but like always she has to have her way all the time and he let's her get her way. I feel like I'm the second person in his life, I get treated the opposite which hurts me the most{:'-[


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  • He and his mom are both out of line. You should never have been treated that way.
    You and he need to go back to the clergy who married you and get an explanation of the New Order of things.
    His mom is gonna pout and try to drive a wedge between you and her son but only if your husband lets her get away with it.

    • The funny thing is when he ain't around or when he walks off she talks about him or comes to me and be like what's wrong :-( are you ok? Pisses me off she knows exactly what's wrong since she had caused it }:-[ she was never a mother to him.

    • He needs to put her in her (new) place. . . . from now on she takes the back seat or she can get out of the car!
      Some guys (and girl's) parent will try to maintain power in their son's life and this is wrong. . . WRONG. That's why the Bible says a man shall LEAVE his father and mother and cleave (like being grafted) to his wife. If you're grafted to someone there is no room for anyone else between you.

    • We live together. But his mom doesn't live with us she lives a few seconds up the road. he calls or texted her sometimes and erases it so I won't know and she'll call him sometimes when she is wanting something from him, money wise

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