Why can't my fiance make up his mind?

My fiance set a wedding date but now he keeps changing it. So when I ask him about he says why do I keep talking to him about. What is going on with him? I'm ready to just give up.. I put myself on the back burner for him. I decided to wait to go back to school. He has a new job which take up the hours other then normal work hours so I had to switch the time that I work. I just need some insight on why he picked a certain wedding date but keeps changing it and gets mad when I ask about it.


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  • He is probably getting cold feet. Just back off and let him work it out himself. It's something he needs to figure out for himself and if you keep asking then it will only make his feet colder. Also don't give up major things for a guy it's not worth it. Put your career to the front and show him you are perfectly able to survive without him.

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