What does it mean when a guy say, "I know you're the one, but I just need a little time?"

I've known him for seven years and we were engaged. Here recently we've been seeing each other. Last night he told me that he knows I'm the one, but he needs a little time. What does that mean exactly? Thanks:)


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  • I think that he has found "the one" that he thinks will make him happy and he want to pursue it further. But, he needs time, whether it is to sort out some things in his life or end it with another. Be patient and it will come out soon enough. Good Luck! Love & Peace!


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  • Either he:

    1) Wants to take some time to make 100% sure this is what he wants for the rest of his life

    2) Has some commitment issues and is working through them

    3) Waiting to see if another girl/relationship could possibly pan out (least likely probably)


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