What are your views about arrange marriage?

what is your opinion about arrange marriage. any one who is experiencing an arrange marriage can share views too.


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  • I have nothing against arranged marriages. Forced marriages are what I don't agree with, but quite a few people think the two are the same. In an arranged marriage you can always say no to a potential husband/wife; you don't have to marry someone you don't want to. It's just that instead of finding someone to marry for yourself, someone else (maybe a matchmaker or parents) will introduce you to men/woman who you may be compatible with.


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  • Well, it's something that isn't common in my country, only in some minorities I guess.
    And obviously, I'm against it. It's totally against my culture. Here, people marry out of love (most of the time) and because they want to. When you get with someone it's a personal choice.

    • and its the most common thing in my country :(
      dont u think it is helpful for shy ones having no dates or for any other reason?

    • Well if the only goal is to get married, yes it will help to get married but will it be true love? not so sure. Where I live, the goal is to find THE one, not just someone.

  • I got three words for that
    Fuck that noise


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  • Sorry but Americans n Europeans are against it!!! Though I m not one of those... But divorce rates are higher in other marriage like hook ups, few years of relationship, love marriages...

    I believe in the combo of love+ arrange marriage...:D

    Arranged marriage is successful contrary to all... It has higher rate... Which these hook up n break up, casual sex lovers can't understand!!!

    Facts are facts.. You down voters...:"'

  • I would be fine with them. They served us well for millennia before.

    • working fine till now in large area of world :)

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    • thats why the rate of divorce is getting up day by day in those so called 1st world countries

    • There are other factors that play into arranged marriages that keep the divorce rate down. To be fair western countries divorce rate of 50 percent is dropping and the study that came up with the 50 percent was flawed.

  • I love it. It's the way things worked before society got fucked up by so called "freedom".