Should I be more aggressive?

Ok I use to hangout with this girl I really like about 2 weeks ago. We hung out a lot and want to dinner twice. Both of us use to be engaged and we really like each other.

While on those 2 date and on those date neither one of us would admit to like each other. We both were like we are not looking for relationship because both of our engagements ended bad. Well about a week and a half ago. She started date a guy and she said that she really into him. But at the same time she was still want to hangout with me. Plus she didn't know at the time I was over my ex cause it's her ex roommate, from about 3 years ago.

Well she had been saying she want to hangout and last night she called me up and was like let's go out to a bar. Well had fun and talk a lot and neither one of us talked about our ex's. Well I ask her what was up with her new relationship and she was like. I like him a lot and l think her cares about me. But he really don't tell me much and we are not serious. We also told each other why our ex's ex broke up with us. And it because they thought we were cheaters. Well dance and and we got a like to close and she was like I would kiss you but I don't cheat and I was like that cool and I respect that. So I was like I thought you wasn't serious with him and she was like it's not that why I'm here with you silly.

So we continue to dance and the entire time we stared at each other eyes. We ended the night I walked her to the car and want back into the bar. She call me when she got home and we talk for like 30 mins and decided to go out again tonight.

So I'm wondering should I be aggressive or go with the flow. cause I really like this girl. And I think she wants to date me also.

Well the date was great she even told me she blow off her guy and best friend ti hangout and she wants to come to my hockey and see me play. She even said she feel me a lot and like spending time with me.


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  • No need to be aggressive. Show her that you are a decent, down-to-earth, dependable gentleman that she can trust, and perhaps ask her out the next day.


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