Is there anything wrong with picking out a wedding dress far before any wedding is even considered?

Lately I have some kind of obsession with weddings and wedding dresses. I have several actual dreams of shopping for a dress or even being up there at the altar in a beautiful dress, and I'm really hoping to be a bridesmaid for my ex if she and her new gf get married.

Anyways, would there be any issues if I went shopping for a wedding dress soon for my 19th birthday, when a wedding for me probs won't happen for 10 years at least? All I can really think of is losing a lot of weight which is my plan soon. So if I lose 34 lbs then buy a dress then, I could have my dream dress picked out and ready + I could keep it as a reminder of what weight I need to be in order to wear it so that could be good motivation later on.

I only ask cuz so many people wait until the wedding is coming up to begin looking for a dress, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared right?


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  • THERE IS SERIOUSLY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT AND IF YOU WANT I WILL DESIGN ONE FOR YOU. It's nothing wrong. I always draw wedding dresses for my friends and myself. Ok, I'm not aspiring to be a designer but it's sweet to think of it beforehand. Hmm... You could keep a dress design you like in mind and 6 months before your wedding (more or less depending on design of dress) you could get a tailor to make it!!


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  • I dont see anything wrong with planning ahead.
    I'm sure you wouldn't be the first person to do this and i doubt you will be the last :)


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