What do you think of this guy's marriage proposal?


"From the moment Dean Smith knew he wanted to marry Jennifer Kessel, he started planning the perfect way to propose. It took him more than a year to pull together his plan without his girlfriend discovering what he was up to. Last month, his hard work culminated in a touching, grab-your-hankie-before-you-watch proposal.

On January 8, 2014, Smith, who is from Scottsdale, Arizona, started videotaping himself holding up a whiteboard on which he’d written the big question. He held up the sign while reading, playing slots, in the shower, brushing his teeth, driving, washing dishes, eating, and more, showing how he thinks about her “literally every moment of every day.”

After 365 days, Smith compiled each vignette and put it on a tablet. Then, while on vacation with Kessel’s family in Aruba on her birthday, Kessel’s sister knocked on her door with another whiteboard that took her through the hotel, running into various family members along the way, each of whom held a different sign on her way to the beach. Eventually, she was instructed to sit on a beach chair and watch. "

What do you think? A lot of people didn't like it. It surprised me. I thought a lot would like it.


www.yahoo.com/.../...ect-wedding-113164282443.html <--Link to the story

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  • hats off to that guy for the planning and time comitment it takes to pull that off. I hope I can find the girl I am that madly in love with


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