Any sisters who have been arranged marriage?

I have been engaged for a few months now and do no like my fiance what's so ever I feel hopened like nothing can save me I pray to God everyday night etc to help or put love in my heart for my fiancé but still no response all though I believe God has a reason, I am torn into pieces I told my family they said they will disown me I will have to leave home etc but I don't want any of that my life would be misery having no one on my back, I am
Lost I don't no what to do what's so ever has any one been in the same situation or is? How are you copping?


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  • Is your marriage being arranged I mean I know they still do that, if you are and the guy your marrying is bad person you shouldn't do it.

    • The guy is a very humble and nice guy but I have no love towards him which kills me cos I'm just causing pain to everyone who are around me it hurts even more to think that I love someone else madly and have loved them for Over 3 years like it never hit me so hard till now cos before I had this hope where I'm gonna fall in love with Somone else and forget him but Its impossible now

    • Ah I see well other then suggesting leaving him which according to what you said doesn't sound like an option I'm afraid I can't offer much help /: I've never had any family members that had arranged marriages.

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  • Well, if he's a good guy what the F is the porblem. Aah i get it, you want one of those players who causes butterflies in your stomach and babies in other women's bellies. Yep, i confused with a decent, logical human being. Sorry...

    • No I don't want players. He's a good guy I want a good guy it's just there's no love or compassion between us, Ofcourse I would want to love him the way he loves me

  • This is why we westerners hate arranged marriage so much.

  • Follow Your Heart!
    The Feelings You Described With The Other Person Is Real Love.
    True Love Only Comes Around Once, Grab It And Don't Let Go.
    You Will Spend The Rest If Your Life In Regret If You Go Along With This, Follow Your Heart Regardless Of Outcome With Others.

    • My heart tells me to leave my mind tells me to stay I just can't do anything about it, it's like where will I go what will I do how many hearts am I going break, I can't bare the fact how much my mum and dad would be hurt if I do so

    • Whatever You Choose To Do, Your Decision Needs To Be Yours Not Your Family's, Do What You Feel Will Be Best For "Your Life".
      I Wish You All The Best!

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