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I was wondering if a guy says they are super busy and can't talk... even if it is a friendship.. do I take it as they are busy or as they don't want to be bothered with me?


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  • I appologize ahead of time for anything that seems snappy, I get this a lot - where people think I mean something else.

    "I am super busy" means that he is busy. Think about your day and find a moment where you have free time, you are probably thinking about something else. Granted, he could call you- but if he is truly busy with "work" or chores etc... Then he doesn't have the time to chat right now, which doesn't mean you should over-react.

    ON THE OTHER HAND - if his actions show some other meaning. Like he is saying "im busy" right after you are going to propose to him. It could mean something else, in which case I would need to know what the situation consists of in order to describe it further.

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  • I have no idea, my friend says this a lot to me. She may be busy, she may not I have no idea but if my friends were around I'd want to spend time with them over anything else that wasn't urgent. So I see it differently.


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