Would you like to be married?

Is really hard now adays to find someone that actually like to marry. It could be for disappointments, trust issues, or just dont want to be tied down to one person because they like to taste the rainbow lol others simply go with the flow n if things go wrong they move on.

So share with us, would you actually like to be married? What do you think about marriage? What is the main reason u think people dont marry anymore? And last, if you were married you think you would be a great wife/spouse?

Many questions just very curious


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  • It's a nice dream, but not something I need to be happy. My parents had a bad marriage and a worse divorce, and that's definitely affected the way I think about it. I got to see first-hand how the family court system can really screw men over, and how children can pay a ridiculous price because of it. I would never want a child to see what I saw or go through what I went through.

    In terms of my own long-term relationships I've had some very negative experiences with women as far as having my trust abused.

    From a cost-benefit perspective, both financial and emotional, my experiences have led me to believe that marriage is not really worth it... for me. There are a great many things that make me happy that don't require me to be married, and I don't believe I need a wife and children to live a meaningful life.

    Certainly I can imagine a woman I would want to spend the rest of my life with, but I don't believe she exists, and I'm certainly not going to sacrifice any more of my life trying to find her. Which I do think is somewhat unfortunate, because I think I could make a good husband to that woman. Not perfect, but someone definitely worthy of the same love and respect I'd show her.

    As far as why people are not getting married, I think economic conditions have more of a role than many people think. Among the working and middle classes income has not kept up with the cost of living in Western society, and just to maintain the lifestyle we grew up with we have to spend more of our money on ourselves. On top of that, Western culture now encourages that self-centric rather than family-centric viewpoint.


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  • God, yes.
    I want to be happily married, not just married. My main reason for doing so is because I think it does add something to the relationship. My big fear about marriage is divorce and I want to find someone that I will be with for the rest of my life so I'll never have to worry about divorce. In which case, I don't see why we shouldn't get married.

    "What is the main reason u think people dont marry anymore?"
    I think people these days are not used to commitment so marriage is strange to them. Our society these days is: "I want it now!" *gets it* *I want something else!*. We have a high turnover of everything.

    "And last, if you were married you think you would be a great wife/spouse?"
    I can't be sure but I really hope so.

    This is personal preference and I don't mind if others don't get married. Their relationships aren't lesser or anything.

    • I strongly feel that people dont marry for mostly these 3 reasons: 1 because there's always divorce, so they feel there's always a way out. 2 because people marry for wrong reasons not having their heart n mind to what the meaning of marriage is. N 3 which is the saddest, people loose love for one another.

      When u n ur love one decides divorce is not an option then there's always try to make it right. I dont want to marry because i can trust fully that everything will be great, but because God commands it.

      Would you marry someone if they told you if you ever ask for divorce i would never give to you? I know never say never i know there's limits but those are vile actions they gotta commit. If they want to go on have anoher life with someone else they can go ahead but he still belongs to me. I will go out do my life but won't share myself with another man. I know is a great sacrifice if this ever took place.

    • Well as you said, never say never. I think the only reason divorce should be allowed should be in cases of abuse (physical or emotional) or affairs. As long as she doesn't do that, I'd want to work it out.

      Without going off topic, I'm not religious. I want to get married for romantic reasons, not religious reasons. If someone said to me "I'll never give up on this relationship and I'll always be willing to work on this" I'd be happy, not worried

  • i would have no interest in getting married, i don't need to be married to someone to show how much i love them and how much that person means to me

  • I Am Very Happily Married!
    I Cannot Imagine Life Without My Wife, She Completes Me.
    We Have A Connection, Something We Never Experienced With Anyone.
    When You Find The Right Person, You Gall In Love At First Sight, And You Know You Were Meant To Be.


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