We can't make it to his sisters wedding?

My boyfriends sister and her longtime boyfriend (15+ years) have gone back and forth about getting married for two years... They literally change their mind every other week. Yesterday, they set the date for 6 weeks from now. My boyfriend and I are much younger than them, and both recently started new carreers. We also live on the other side of the country. If we had been given proper notice, we probably could have saved some money and worked out the vacation time, but that wasn't the case. We're als worried we will make arrangements and she will cancel again. We told his family that we were so sad to miss it, but we didn't think we could make it out in such short notice.

His sister understands, but his mom is really upset that we can't make it. She has been making me feel really guilty, and I don't know what to say to make her feel better about it. Help?


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  • Was it going to be a private ceremony of only immediate family? Because if they plan on going traditional with friends and family having a wedding reception afterwards then they have no idea what they're doing if they actually think they'd be ready in six weeks. Most people set their wedding date a good six months out.

    • Nope, just immediate family. Small ceremony and dinner afterwords.

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    • That's what we were counting on, but the dress has been purchased, hotel and flights booked... I feel like were out of luck! The only person that's hurt over it is his mom.

    • Then don't worry about it. Their fault not yours. They should have considered that the girls brother wouldn't be able to just fly out on a moments notice when he just got a new job.

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  • You can't make her feel better. She has to look at the facts and realize you two did what was best for you. This isn't a wedding that has been planned for a year and all of a sudden you are dropping out. In the end you two will not be the only ones who miss it. If at all possible, send a gift in your place.

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