My dad has a child with another woman? PLEASE HELP?

My dad and mom are married. Few months ago I saw on his phone pictures of a child playing in a park. Yesterday a random number text my mom saying her husband has another child with another woman. My mom trust my dad to death and doesn't question him. Since I saw those pictures, I painfully doubt my dad (he cheated on my mom before&she forgave him). I can never tell my mom all this because I know her so well just no. I'm only 18 in college what am I suppose to do now? Our family have financial problem it would really mess up if he really does have this other child.


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  • if you're having financial problems id just leave it alone because it could effect your education if you can't pay. if your mom finds out which she probably will let them deal with it

    • Our family have financial problems and if he does have this other child he has to secretly pay for that kid too! And yes it would mess up my education I can't pay out of state tuition.

    • i agreed with you

  • Cool, you're a big sister now!

    • I hope not... But in case I do her mother is a fucking cheap bitch. That child is a start of a sin.

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    • How can I love such sinful child when half if its blood and gene bare from another woman?

    • But the other half is from your father. So it's your blood.

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