How would you get to know someone before you'd ask them out...

I'm going to ask out this girl at my school. But first I'd like to get to know her more so she can get to know me more. She always goes to lunch with her close friends and their boyfriends. But I'm not really like them so I don't really do the things they do or even know how to do it for that matter. My friends tell me I should ask her to lunch or something but I don't want it to just be me and her or me,my friends and her. Maybe go to lunch with my friend and his girlfriend and his girlfriend can invite the other girls or maybe just a couple of them. Don't really know. Anny suggestions or ideas? Please tell me I've been in a crisis since like october!


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  • Haha sorry son. This isn't 6th grade and while a group date would break the ice more smoothly, you need to get to know her one on one. But if there's just no convincing you of that, just invite your friend and his girlfriend. Don't make it too big of a party because then it's not a date anymore. If you want to get to know her, the four of y'all need to go hang out at a mall or somewhere where there will be a lot of interaction between you two. Meaning, no movies. There's no way of knowing who she is by sitting next to her. When you two do talk, ask her things about her and don't interrupt her with a story about random people. (I threw that last part in there because for some reason that always happens to me)

    • Lol I wanna be in grade 6 again :( haha. Yeah your probably right. What am I to know?. :P thanks

  • I agree with tontow. Group dates maybe fun and engaging, but to really know the girl, you need to get it to be just you and her. The idea to bring along your friend and his girlfriend sounds good. It would be like a double date, but w/o the awkwardness because the girl will see another girl around her.


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