Married couples: how do both of you sleep comfortably?

I'm not talking sex. I'm actually talking about sleeping as in the snoring sleeping. I'm not saying that I snore - I don't think I do anyways. Sometimes, I wonder how couples sleep if it's actually comfortable sleeping close together or do you actually sleep separately in the bed.


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  • My SO and I start with a cuddle but as sleep starts to take over we both roll into our sleeping positions. I also wear ear plugs lol. If not I don't get sleep unless I move to the couch. That man can snore paint off hahaha. So I guess we sleep separately in the same bed

    • Okay. I would kind of think that, but I wasn't sure. I'm single, but I'm curious.

    • Its nice to wake up to someone though. Then you can scooch over in the morning and have a cuddle before you get up. Makes for a very nice morning

    • Yeah, I'm sure it is. Sometimes, it'd be cool if my woman woke up before I did and started kissing me while I was sleeping - maybe slip me the tongue. Totally unexpected, but totally hot!

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  • A big bed is a factor. And knowing when you both need space and cuddling

    • Does it hurt if you put your arm under his shoulder? I'm trying to picture me sleeping with a woman, but I'm not sure how it would work without the woman being pain-free when she sleeps. I'm guessing you both move around in the bed overnight?

    • No, But i can only lay there so long. It gets uncomfortable and i roll around a lot. Heat is an issue sometimes. I want to cuddle my man, but he feels like a heater sometimes, and in July that is the last thing you want.

    • Ah, I see. That makes a lot of sense. Of course, you could always turn on the air conditioning/fan to keep you a little cool/chilled.

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