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I'm a fit, down to earth, and I'm told by my 'girlfriends' that I'm something to look at and have the qualities that are looked for. But more often than not, I found myself unable to generate something from thin air. I just don't know where I seem to get it wrong. What do I need to change or do within my approach and conversation that is going to get me the opportunity and willingness to firstly engage in any sort of conversation and then follow up with a second meeting?


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  • Dude you are definately trying too hard. The proof is that you have to ask these questions in the first place! You need to relax into your natural approach to relationships. We're all capable of being 'good' with the opposite sex, but we allow these invisible barriers to cloud our natural thinking, sometimes through the way we were raised/experience etc. Then we look for ways to do this and that. My advice is to relax, not stress about it. Just be yourself, be cool, and hooking up (not for sex, lol) will become effortless. This ain't just some clever-sounding bs, its something I've learned from experience.


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  • Relax and be at ease with yourself. It's kind of a turnoff if you can tell the other person is worrying about what to say and how to act. Don't be self conscious.


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