What would you want him to say to you?

So lets say you were REALLY mad at your boyfriend for something he did that was horrible, almost the worst thing he could do. However out of the kindness of your heart you decided that you were going to stay with him anyway, and try to work things out- but the thing is what he did haunted you every day, and some days you would just NEED to say something, or get mad at him, or something so that you can try to cope and feel better What would you want him to say to you, or do for you, that would help you feel any better or make things easier?


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  • I'm only going to be truthful with you. My ex-boyfriend I thought was the love of my life, and I was engaged to him when I was 14, and we lasted about a year and four months, however, he cheated on me three different time with three different girls, and I was angry but stayed with him, just like you said "stay with him anyway try to work things out" but hun it sometimes doesn't work that way, because once he did it, then he's capable of doing it again. No matter what, I know it'll be hard to cope with it, but I think the best thing is to at least get the trust back, and then see from there. Can't promise you anything though. Hope it helped.


    • It has, thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate it. I know it sounds petty, but do you know of anything I can say or do that will help build that trust back, or is time the only healer? Thanks for the help.

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  • Time is all someone really needs to heal. Keeping an open communication and whatever she is feeling she needs to be direct. Not just bottle it up. Be confident with her no matter what. People make mistakes, learning from them is how you are forgiven. It won't be easy. Patience. A lot of support. She must really love you to stick by you. That must tell you something.

    • It does, and thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  • What exactly did you do? Then I will let you know.

    • I'd rather not say. If you could give me a general answer if possible that'd be great. I'm sorry for not being more specific.

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