Why do players get married?


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  • What is a Player?
    In case your wondering, a Player is a male who has tried to progress with the female populus to no avail and as such adopted a way of life which follows manipulation... either that or the skills and tricks were taught to him from a young age by someone who has been through it.

    Either way, at one stage, the Player did want what everyone in a relationship has... companionship, love, care, compassion...

    Why do they get married?
    Because you get sick and tired and sick again of the same shit of a Player's life. And then the right girl walks your way if your lucky and you pray to god the past of yours does not interefere in this perfect life with her in the hope it may lead to something greater, the something you long for.

    Sometimes it works out, and other times... well, I'm sure you can work that one out for yourself

    • Thank you for the MHO, I hope that shed some light on this

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  • Most players I've seen eventually have had 'enough' casual sex that they're not dying for it any more. If they want a family, they get married.

  • I was born into a religious family and only had a few long term partners. But I want to be a player now. My plan, 5 years fucking everything I can and then I will settle. I will be faithful when I settle as long as I had that successful 5 years of fun.

  • They don't.

    As soon as they marry, they are no longer a player.

    ; )

  • Because everyone has feelings.

    • Explain please.

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    • They can't be faithful to one person. Marriage is faithful till the end. Why not just keep playing the game without the Marraige?

    • I doubt that blanket statement is true of all players. I guessing some change with time while others do not. We do not keep the same traits over our life time or our personality.

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  • Well I know a player who got married after 3 months of dating. This was clearly done out of infatuation, he obviously didn't change and got divorced after a few months
    Bottom line, MOST players just want their cake and eat it too.

  • players get married because he is playing around the home.

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