okay so I am working on a big as project for university. I have to teach the class about co habitation.

so on that note.

which do you prefer marriage or common law and why?


do you see your self getting married down the road or are you already happily married. emphasis on the happy part.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I said marriage, but only in a non-religious meaning. I like the big p*ss up party as much as the next person. Oddly my girlfriend doesn't give a stuff either way, so if we're to be married, it'll be me that 'pushes' it.

    Oh, and I'm for gay marriage (in the legal term. That's the problem with marriage it's both a legal thing and a religious thing.)

    • Lol I am not getting the anwers I expected lol.

      Thanks for your input though it helps alot!!!

What Girls Said 1

  • I like the idea of marriage better than common law. I think choosing common law over marriage shows a lack of commitment. Plenty of people make the argument that if you love someone, it shouldn't matter, but if you expect to be with that person in the future anyway, why not just marry them? It might work for some people, but if I were in that situation, I think I would wonder why a guy wasn't willing to make the commitment.

    In the future, I guess I'll either be single or married since I don't see myself in a common law marriage.

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