Are all wive to be, as great as Monica was?

Men don't really get any say in their wedding but when Chandler voiced the one thing he had to have at the wedding was "The Swing Kings", Monica gave up her dream dress, just so she could get the band for him. I realize it was just a show, but I just think that was so freaking awesome of her.


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  • Depends on the woman. I think most women still want to plan the wedding together with their partners and they have a say.
    Unless the guy doesn't give a fuck or the woman is a bridezilla


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  • Most women are smart enough to throw their bridegroom to be a bone in wedding planning, one small thing they can be in charge of so they feel like they have some say in what happens. And most men are smart enough to settle for that because they know that's the best they'll get.

    For example my wife left me in charge of table names and centrepieces. So our tables were named after Dr. Who actors and had goldfish bowls on them.

    In hindsight she probably gave me TOO much say...

  • Dude I Hate that show my ex made me watch it and I think everyone on that show has 0 acting chops especially chandler.

    • Well said man. Thank your lucky stars you didn't have to be there when the show was actually on air.

      People would talk about it the next day and shit. It was torture.

    • Dude I read this comment and got a flashback to a very dark time in my life. It was pretty little lies then friends on demand and this went on for a good 5 years. I don't even get how the show was popular. The characters are super one dimensional and the jokes suck nuggets the the drama plots were super cliché. @sexualchrist

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