If a guy tells you that you're "the one", exactly what is he saying?

I'm a woman and I know that I read into things WAY too much therefore I wanted to hear what everyone else thinks "the one" means. I've known this guy for seven years. We dated and were engaged for two years. We mutually broke up because we both were not ready for a long term commitment. We've been friends the past five years. Here recently we have been dating and he told me he knows I'm the one and he's ready. I'm decoding that as he knows I'm the one he wants to spend forever with and that he's now ready to settle down. What do you make of it? Thanks :)


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  • I had one that was "the one" once. What that means is that they have your hear, your soul, all of your emotions. You live everyday to coexist with this person. They mean the world to you. Your thoughts of them intensify as each day goes by.. You notice yourself drifting off thinking of this person you love so deeply quite a few times in the day and can't wait until you see them next. When you do, you're almost nervous, have some butterflies in your stomach. It's the most amazing thing ever. I miss her, and you're so lucky that you have him to come back to and come back to you. He's ready to spend forever with you, he knows it. I hope some day that she comes back to me, because I know I'll never feel the same for anyone else ever in my life.. Goodluck.

    • OMG. That was SO sweet. I can only hope that's exactly what he meant. That girl sure did lose out... you're words touched me. Thanks for your answer :)

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    • Thanks buddy.

    • Aww! Thank you :) I hope you find that feeling again!!! Best of luck to you!

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  • Yes, definitely that is what he is telling you! You have a lot of history together, so what he is saying is a big deal. (if you had not known him very long then you would be right to wonder if he really means it).

    • Aww! Thanks for your answer! This made my day!

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