My fiancee talks more to her friends than she does to me?

I have been with this girl for almost 3 years now, we have been engaged since November 2008. We were together for a good part of the relationship, but I moved for school and work; she is still at the same school. We are both very busy; So, whenever I get a chance to talk to her I try to communicate via text, webcam and calling. Sometimes when I text her it takes hours to respond, sometimes when I call her she won't get off the phone with her friends to talk to me for a couple minutes. OR when I call she is too busy to talk; but then later I find out that she has been talking to several of her friends on the phone and watching TV and etc.

Also, she has anxiety issues where she doesn't ever want to go back to the school that we met at because it reminds her of me and our life that we had when I was there. She gets sick, complains all the time about how I left her there or how I got out and she is still there. She goes into rants about how my job isn't really that important that I should just quit so that I can visit her more often. If that isn't enough I have the stresses of a controlling mother-in-law that has called me to tell me that my fiance' isn't ready to get married and that she has treated all her other PAST boyfriends the same as me, basically trying to tell me that I am no different and this is just a phase that her daughter is going through. It all stresses me out! Any advice? am I crazy? am I controlling? .. I do have a constant stress of thinking that her mum is trying to steer my fiance' away from me...


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  • The rule-of-thumb is that however someone is while you're dating, magnify those same traits by ten times to imagine how they'll be in marriage.

    You don't sound controlling. But you do sound like a scapegoat.

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