Is it strange I want my boyfriend to buy me a ring after a year of dating; Not a proposal ring but a ring.

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and I suddenly developed a craving for jewelry more specific rings! I really want to wear a ring and look down at my finger and know it was from him. He hates it when I wear rings as it is so it seems strange that I would suddenly want one from him. I used to wear rings in the past to keep guys away especially when I went out with the girls. Now I don' t wear them as often unless I go out. He doesn't even like that. I like to wear one because it makes me feel loved. No one has ever commented on the rings that I wear and I feel strange now. I don' t know what brought this on. We are both in our mid twenties and he has no idea. Is it strange to have this urge?


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  • my 1 year anniversary was the first time my boyfriend bought me jewelery, and I NEVER wore jewelery before that, I found it uncomfortable. but after a year together I wanted to wear something that said "i have someone that loves me". he bought me a 1/4 carat diamond necklace. and a couple weeks ago was our 4 year, and he bought me 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings.

    you sound a lot like me =)

    why does he hate it when you wear rings?

    oh, my boyfriend and I bought this fake engagement ring in vegas, and I wear it out a lot, it lets the drunk guys know that our relationship is serious and to back off =) haha I love it

  • when we first dating he got me a tiffany bracelet, and the 1st ann. he got me a diamond earrings. last week was our 2nd ann. he just got me a cameras. I was so disappointed, because when he was dating his ex gf, she got a ring, and they not even dating a long time. That’s why I was so anxiety. Why I don’t get a ring but she could.