Do you think this article has any logic? Will the younger generation fail at marriage?
Will the younger generation have this happen?


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  • I found this articles quite interesting. I like points 3 and 4 the most, and according to my observations (I like watching people and stuff like that, i know you might find it creepy), people became more enclosed in past 10 years. My parents were always talking about how friendly they were with their classmates, they told me about their true friendships and love. Since then I was waiting for these things to happen to me, but they never did, and I'm afraid that they never will (((
    Most of people i know are a bit sociopathic, and it scares me... Sometimes I want to go back in time, when there was no internet (80s - 90s) and experience that true love and true friendship.
    It feels like I went a bit off topic... I'm sorry
    P. S. I'm not Canadian, but I'm still sorry..

    • I apologize to much to. lol. I agree with you though. It would be nice to have solid connections with the people in my life and stop depending on an electrical device to bring me that. I was out on my balcony and my SO was playing a game on his phone. We had some ducks below us and the male was checking out all the scenery making sure they were safe and I was talking about it. I get to the end of my conversation and ask what he thinks. He didn't even know I was talking to him he was so engrossed in his game. Made me sad that he had missed a moment in life for the sake of a game. Not that I am not guilty of this, but I will definitely be more mindful of it

    • Happened to me too. I was talking about something and then I asked my friend "what do 'you think?"
      and all I saw is his blank face with a lack of understanding of the question.

      Meh, I'm going off topic again but I just wanted to ask, what do you think about video games in general?

    • I like them. Actually just posted a question about them today. I play Wii and PC games

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  • I think there is quite a bit of truth to it. Most relationships are caricatures, there's no authenticity to them.

    People are so addicted to their devices that they've forgotten basic social skills and courtesies, are unsure of themselves in actual human to human interactions, have a warped view of love and dating in the modern world. Hard to setup a marriage on such a shaky foundation.

    In fact, I do think marriage is nearly dead. I just wouldn't pin it all on social media, unlike the author of that article.

    At this point, I pretty much just have long-term relationships that I expect will dissolve after a few years. I try to keep them healthy, but I'm only one half of the equation and don't really expect other people to rise to my level on sustaining a relationship--nice if they will, but I don't believe in placing expectations on a situation. So why complicate a breakup with a legal marriage?

  • Our grandparents said to our parents thier marriage is gonna fail, our parents said to us once that our marriage will fail, and we'll tell our children that their marriage is gonna fail, that's the life:-)
    And eventually, all marriages will work!

    • Some of the points in the article make sense though. I feel they make sense in all relationships actually. If we lack physical connection, will that make us less feeling? Definitely something to think about

    • This point is right, without a physical connection nothing will work, but i don't like the rest of the article :-D

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