No guy has ever been interested in me before. I suck at the whole flirting thing.

So, I need a little advice from ya about my PT. So a friend of mine Natalie is a massage therapist. She had the chance to work today over at the place were Jesse works my PT. A girl got talking to her that works there to give her the low down on everyone lOl. Then she started talking about a guy named Jess who will be engaged soon. My friend was like wait what? My friends PT? I'm still hoping its not him they were talking about because his name is Jesse not Jess shrugs. I know, I know I should give up but I am not. Not yet. I feel sometimes that people might be talking about me over there. When I go registered and say my name and who I am there to see. I say my name is so and so and I have an appointment with Jesse. They look up at me and smiles shrugs. it’s the smile that feels like you have been talked about at work. So I wonder if they know I like him. I try so hard not to act like I do. I really do. What I am hoping is that they got talking about me to him and say oh yea he is going to be engaged soon kind of teasing and someone else heard the going to be engaged soon part and started spreading rumor's. That is what I am hoping is going on. Natalie says that at her work place people thought she was engaged to this one guy at work for a year. I hope this makes sense. I know its been done before where a guy asks a girl and another girl takes the guy away from the girl. I'm not this type of person but I really want to get to know him. I just don't know how to do it. We are not suppose to hang out yet because I"m still a client. But then why would he be trying to get me to take him out to lunch. And now this? I don't get it? No guy has ever been interested in me before. I suck at the whole flirting thing so I ask my friends for advice and they say he is flirting with me. I think he is worth waiting around for any advice?

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  • Hmmm, (spins around in my chair) how do you honestly feel, if he's a client is it against policy? In my opinion I don't tab my ink in any company. Play it smart and safe. If your interested and think the risk is worth it, then go out to lunch and bring up " So what would you like to talk about? and what kind of females are you interested in?" If he mentions 3-5 of the things you have then maybe your the right fit. Then ask how his love life is? If he mentions what do you mean, or just say good. Ask him if he has bad luck in relationships or good luck to blow it off like it was to personal. Enjoy the meal, and arrange another for the future.


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