SURVEY: Should men stop providing for & protecting women all their life in the WEST?

We can't change the dating game which is basically a meat market where the girl gives sex in return for resources and entertainment. Women are not the romancers, they are the romanced. They extract everything from men, making men kiss their ass in more ways than one.

If you marry/get into an LTR with a rich woman you will NOT get into her wallet. She will still use you for whatever money you can bring in and maybe even as a personal secratary. She will freely reprimand you in public, tell you what to wear, give you an allowance etc.

Now women are EARNING MORE in 20+ cities in the US, and all over the country they earn more under 30. Women in their 30s also outearn men in the UK. There are similar trends in all western countries and eventually the wealth will be handed over to the women.

Is it time to stop being a providing slave for life? With all the laws in favour of women and men easily destroyed by women if they complain to the police/legal system or even society in general... is it time to stop protecting them as their SO?

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Women as it is comprise 85% of wealth spending. Women have so much better lives and opportunities overall. They actually DON'T NEED A MAN, but they will still extract from you because they CAN. Are you stupid? Guess not! But women want you to be.

7/10 richest celebrities under 30 are female. Just saying.


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  • Yes they want equal rights both should be working unless the one really physically can't. And if both are okay with providing each other that's fine too a woman should be able to provide for her man and vice versa.

    • I agree it should be equal.

      My bf and I pay for ourselves. He doesn't buy my food or pay for me when we do stuff.

      I have a job. I own my car. I own my house. If we move in together we will SHARE THE EXPENSES.

    • Agreed, but don't expect the woman to provide for YOU. She will do whatever if you can't keep the house/kids in running order. But you will be the one giving her what she wants... You're the man, and you don't get anything except sex. Most of the time, not even love.

      Women will preach, but don't listen to what they SAY. Go out and see what women DO for yourself.

    • Asker did you not even read what I posted?

      What am I taking from my bf exactly? I take care of myself. We SHARE ALL expenses.

      Who's not listening (or reading in this case)

      When will you make your identity known so we can block you?

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  • "I have literally no experience with women and I'm 100% talking out of my own biased ass blah blah blah generalizations blah blah blah stereotypes blah"

  • Ignorant and puerile questions like this are starting to bore the fuck out of me and make me seriously think about leaving this site to be honest

    • This guy had nothing better to do.

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    • It's the 3rd time I've seen him with this tangent this week. He just wants to anger women so they finally pay attention to him.

    • Why are you all pretending to be angry?

  • Let me advise you a little bit and delve into the crux of this question.

    Women may earn more because more women than men go to college. Now I am not saying in any way that women are inherently smarter. In fact tests have shown that between gender's there are differences in strength of subject, but overall not differences in test scores. However, women can't do some of the hard manual labor jobs that men can do, so more go to college, because if women want a career, college is the way to go. This speaks to the "women earning more" part of your question. I have not seen the research that you are citing, but it seems plausible. The reason for this spike in money is because people with college degrees make more money. However, I would like to point out that over 90% of top CEO's of company are women and that almost all of the world's top earners are men. Men still have a VERY STRONG place in the market and the business world, stronger than the place of women.

    Next, the reason why men have been in charge of the romancing is that: 1) yes, men have traditionally been the breadwinners (a trend which you highlighted might be changing). 2) Men are seen as the leaders of the household. 3) Women are more likely to be sought after for less than romantic (but rather more physical) reasons.

    It is not a secret what the male drive in life is. However, women need assurance that men want them for more than their bodies, which is part of the reason that women have traditionally been the "romanced" of the two sides of dating.

    I would also like to express my sadness for you. If the women that you have dated have only been at you for your money, I'm sorry. No one, not women or men should be pilfering others' money. Hopefully you can accept that not all women approach dating as a money grab. Many of us just want to find love and a person we can spend our lives with. Don't write off half of the world's population and categorize us in this way. It's not true or right.

    • We're not talking about the top 1%, we're talking about the average joe/jane. The reason women are doing better because western society is aimed at demonizing, demoralizing and disempowering men. But let's not get into all this.

      The fact is that women don't want equality. They want equal rights for themselves AND special treatment.

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    • Me saying "men can make it by" on physical jobs was only to point out that women, physically cannot.
      I'm not sure where to go from here. You make sweeping incorrect generalizations about women and about society. Do your homework about our culture, and you'll see the flaws in your opinions.

    • Whatever.

  • There are more rich female celebs because guys really only care about visual so if your hot they will come.
    Anyways no one is using anyone in that system. As you said men get sex. It's not women's fault if your willing to pay a lot for it. So whose really using who here or are we both technically using each other?
    I don't think all of these statements are true or that women are this mischievous but I'm just saying everyone uses everyone

    • Oh so men suddenly started liking women's bodies and so women became richer? LOL. Women enjoy sex as much as men, if nor far more.

      We know you want to keep your power in society.

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    • So what? Men were always like this, it's only now that the wealth and power is being transferred to women in the feminist west.

      You're saying we should pay women to have sex with us, which is okay since most women are basically whores.

    • You said your already paying for women so they're not whores
      they're just doing the same thing you do.

      And only now do men pay for beauty. Before some king would make her her queen. In the 60's women like Marilyn monroe, Betty brosmer, grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn all became celebs from ring pretty

  • I'm confused, are we being kept or are we spending our own money? Are we too independent or too dependant? Your question is piss poor and riddled with bullshit. Go away and come back when you've decided what you want to have a tantrum about.

  • You sure spend a lot of on Google trying to find bad things out about women

  • You got the napolean complex.

    • Actually it's been proven that Napoleon was a tall man.

  • Your'e a fucking ass.

  • Get out of our coach and from your commodities, and go recover what you've lost.

  • Just wondering, have you achieved anything yet?

    • Yeah... even after all those years of discrimination, and a sexist, 90% HR

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    • Yea, just the 100th survey, but fine, whatever you need me to believe.

      I never vote seriously for these things, so there's no need to thank me.

    • I'm just being polite, because I don't want to be rude like some people XD

  • Adam should be here to post you in the back any second...

    Until then. Find a hobby. Perhaps try getting to know a woman you obviously have no experience with them.

    If you say you do then the only ones you go for are the materialistic ones. Find one who likes other things like using her brain.

    Aren't you bored with your ' men are slaves, questions yet?

    • I'd like to know Eve's opinion too! haha

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    • Love how can only spout shit out until someone wants to debate and point out the faults in your thinking.

      Then you you either stop talking, say the women aren't worthy of conversing with or "whatever".

      You need to get help. Seriously. I'm not trying to be mean but you have some serious anger issues that need professional help.

    • Nobody's perfect. Also, I'm not getting angry at you.

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  • Dude. If you spent half as much time learning about women and socializing with them as you do criticising and demonizing them, you'd be the next Casanova.

    Obviously someone hurt you. But it's time to pull up your panties, be a big boy, and move on. Women are fun to be with, but you can't enjoy their company if you don't make room for it in your psyche.

    Chill out. Go for a walk, try smiling for a bit. Attempt to think kindly of women, even just as an exercise. Get off GaG for a bit.

    • The only reason I made this question is because I was having a discussion with my friends. I've never made or seen a similar question wtf, you shouldn't go accusing people

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    • Whatever.

    • Thank you Scruffy, I know I've argued 3 other questions with this guy. He really does have a problem. I sincerely think he needs counseling or therapy for his anger issues towards women.

  • Mate you only get treated the way you want to in a relationship. If you don't want a woman using you then don't let her. If she can't hack it tell her to fuck off. I've never let a woman use me or tell me what to do. I don't domineer them either. If a girls just in it for the money, no matter how good looking she is, I want fuck all to do with her. Hell I don't like anyone who's motivated by money. biggest arseholes on the planet

  • I'm on the sugar momma hunt right now!

    • lol. Older women are gross tho XD