In a gay relationship, would you also propose with a ring?

I've never been engaged, however I do see it happening for me someday. Thing is, do I propose with a ring? Do I get 2 rings? Cause it'd be weird getting him a ring, but then I don't have one. But it's also weird getting him one, and then going ring shopping with him for mine. It'd feel like I got whatever I wanted, and he got stuck with what I picked xD
We could always get both afterwards, but then what do I propose with lol.
Anyway, leave your comments and ideas below.


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  • Yes! Propose with a ring.. thats the beauty of proposal.. the ring is the main part in it :p
    Just buy him a ring and see what happens later.. he might buy u one or u could go buy another together :)

  • Yes you propose with a ring, but it's a manly ring of course. Haha cx
    There's this gay couple on YouTube and they actually both proposed to each other at different times ;o


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