What could I do to get more calls and messages from people?

I'm like getting none at the moment and its getting boring here , like I check my phone and no one ever calls . its been like over a month since I got a quality personal email from anyone . and its not like I've changed my address its been the same for years , same for my number .

I'm not sure what I need to do to get some more contact from other people , or create some interest


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  • Meet more people.. so you can get more contacts and a higher chance that people with message you.. I have a bunch of old high school aquaintances who never emailed me once in over 3 years.. nothing.. but new people I always meet in college or when I'm with my friend at restaurants or coffee shops or the mall (not so much) or grocery stores .. the more people you meet, the more conversations you'll have.

  • Engage in some activity where they need to contact you: become a member of a club and organize the meetings etc.

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