I am ready to leave her for her happiness.

I am in love with this girl from last 3 years we both love each other very much but from last 10 months she had a mail freind, that boy proposed her but she rejected him and told that we are already engaged, She never hide anything from me she always told me everything, she tried to convince her freind about our relationship and that boy then understand and stop saying I love you for few times but after sometimes he again continuous to say I love to her, meanwhile I had a road accident and then when I came after 3 months, c told me that that boy knows everything about me, he is a good boy, but he stills loves her,

I told her to decide that you should select one people between both of us, This is definitely good for her, she is very confused and once tell me that "she can't leave me, but she also ask me that"what should I like to him, I had tried so many times but unable to do anything to keep him away, "

I don't know to do she don't like that I should talk to him, but I can't see her in tension moment !

Help me please!

What should I do?

I am ready to leave her for her happiness,

But she don't want to loose me!

Please keep me some good suggestion!


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  • Do what you think is best for you, it;s such a hard decision to make, part of you doesn't want to leave her and the other does. It would be terrible for you if down the track you realise that you 2 don't belong together, but it's up to you, there's no time for regrets but it's possible to have them whether you stay with her or not. If it was me I probs wouldn't stay, but give her some space to decide what she wants and let her know that you'll always be there for her, even if it's just as a friend.

    • Thanx a lot dear for your suggestion, I can do anything for her happiness, but neither she is able to take a decision nor she want to leave me, it is too dificult to me also to leave her, but she told that she cannot do anything.

      I think the best thing is that just follow what's going on, I will not do anything, neither ask her to decide nor I would left her, because she tells me that she cannot live without me.


    • But if she can't live without where is the decision? I'm sorry, but I fell in love with my best friend, but never told him and he died 3 years ago. I think life's too short, but if you want to wait for her, I'd like to wish you the best. I hope you do end up together.

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