If you don't ever want to get married, why not?

I've noticed in a lot of opinions, most people on here seem like they never ever want to get married. Even if they did find 'the one' and were committed to them, they still would never get married. Just wondering why?


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  • Have you ever gotten married and divorced? It's one of the worst things that can happen to you. You have to spend months and years just to get your life back on track. Marriage worked in the past because women had no rights, it was never about love, it was about property and social status and hierarchy.


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  • I just see it as a dated institution and a failure too. What's the point?

    You can have a committed relationship with someone without marriage. Why do you need a certificate to validate something you feel for someone?

    • Also, I've noticed so many times that the relationship turns to shit when a couple gets married. If its going well why change things? It's crazy to me haha

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  • Because I don't want to increase the risk of some stupid woman who never actually loved me in the first place getting half my shit.

    • Called a prenup buddy. Just make all your money now before you get to that point

    • @akadatank44 I've been told its not actually that simple and it has been known for women get fancy lawyers who find ways around the prenup

  • The better question is why do it? Taxes?

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