Why does he want to ACT like we're engaged already?

I was with my man this weekend and I thougt he was going to breakup with me SO many time during an emotional convo we had about his possibly losing his job. He said that all of "life's distractions" including me are partly reasons he was just on a rant , about how p*ssed at himself he is and whatnot. So we didn't breakup, I went to his place and he put MY music ring on my left ring finger and told me to tell people that I'm married to music but in a committed relationship, and that guys are always looking to see if a woman is TAKEN.. hmm I though it was a cute idea , I said to him what bout u..of coarse he doesn't have one but he's saving for our rings.. What do you guys think of this?


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  • i think that he wants to pretend like you two are married, but he's unwilling to step up and actually do it.


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