Guys, How do guilty husbands act after an affair?

I want to know if he is till cheating or if it is the guilt.


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  • Well, there are a few things you can pay attention to, some of which are more obvious than others:

    In no particular order:

    1.) He seems extra defensive about questions you ask him and will often respond angrily. Also, look for long ended answers in the form of repeating the question back to you instead of quickly answering yes or no.

    2.) He's more eager to spend time with himself and less time together with you (of course that "time to himself" may mean he's spending it with someone else)

    3.) He's secretive when he talks on the phone and deletes his text/web browser history every time he uses his phone or computer.

    4.) Does he look different? I mean, does he spend more time exercising or has he been buying and wearing nicer looking clothes than he used to?

    5.) He's less romantic with you overall, but has more sex with you to throw you off he's cheating. He could also just go completely cold on the sex, but many times, cheaters will initiate more sex to keep their partners from becoming suspicious.

    6.) What does your gut instinct tell you? You were given the ability to reason and you're allowed to trust your better instincts when you know you can just "feel it" that something is not right.

    Those are just a few, but some points you may consider.

    • PS: The above signs are for if he's still cheating. If he's truly remorseful, then he'll be opening the door for you, throwing his handkerchief on the ground before you step and profess his regret for betraying you while professing his love and devotion to you.

      If he's just going on like nothing ever happened, then... I'm not sure and would revert back to looking for the above signs with his behavior.

  • TBH I think most of the people sifting through this site don't have much marital experience. I think there are other forums out there with others that may be more helpful.

    Good luck!

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