Girls, Do I have a right to refuse to date women who have been married in the past?

Girls, Do i have a right to refuse to date women who have been married in the past?

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  • I feel as a single man, you have the Right to choose anyone you want to date as a mate and it doesn't have to be that 'Women who have been married in the past' Have to be on your List. It's your choice, your call.
    It's the same thing for even a Married woman. If she doesn't want to date guys who have been recently divorced or have been Single for awhile.
    I believe it's anyone's God given Right and Decision and Preference when you are trying to find the... Right one.
    Good luck. xx

    • Would it be shallow for me to do this. I do this because i want the wedding to be equally monumental and special for both of us

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    • I think it all depends on One's situation. If someone got married and it only lasted a little while, then sometimes The second marriage makes up for it when it is real good and you do Not look back on the Fist. However, if the Fist one was special and circumstances were that there was this divorce or even a death, then sometimes a person will look back on this in their second marriage and one has to work extra hard to make sure this marriage is Very special and works. xx

    • It's anyone's choice if they want their First marriage to be with someone who has never walked down the aisle like themselves.. xx

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  • You know no one will stop you or say it is wrong of you to do that but I sense you feel guilty.
    I would say if there is love involved then no feeling can beat that, whether she is a divorcee, widow, a lot younger or older that you.
    If you marry someone you love that will be the most happiest and the best feeling.

  • You have the right to date or not date whoever you want... but do keep in mind that by drawing such a hard line on something like that you may be shutting out potentially wonderful partners. I get the whole not wanting baggage thing, but not everyone who has been divorced has baggage, and I don't think having been married in the past is a good indicator of what kind of person someone is, so you may very well end up passing up people who you could have something beautiful with just because of some silly rule you have for yourself.

  • you have the right to refuse a date to anybody for whatever reason

  • It's your life. Why wouldn't you have that choice?

  • Yes. It's just your preference.

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