Am I going to marry him if ever he will say yes?

Hello. Uhm, im in a long distance relationship for like 2 and a half months and i can say that its really hard. We never see each other. by the way im 16 turning to 17 (oct) and my boyfriend is 18 turning to 19 this coming June. our first month, everything is perfect, no misunderstanding, we're just happy all the time. we talk everyday using fb or Skype. we always spend 3-5 hours talking and talking. In our 2nd month, i feel like our relationship is starting to fall, we dont talk that much and sometimes, we have a misunderstanding. Thats because of our time and distance, he started to work and i feel like he dont have time for me. Yeah i love him and i can't deny it. The day of our second monthsary, we talked and since that day, we fixed and we tried to understand each other. he's aloof sometimes and he's the one who told me that but i noticed it. A while ago, we talk about the distance again.
(He knew that im impatient)
i told him that i can't afford to go to his place coz its too far and the plane ticket is expensive (we're like 9000 miles away) i told him that if i will go to his place, i will not stay long, i have to go back where i came from. and he said
"Why would you go back? It would be so hard to get back to the US again, Plus if you were going away again, i wouldn't do it in the first place"

(i live somewhere here in asia and he lives in the US)
.. i told him that i can't stay forever because im not a citizen there, and i told him

"only if i will get married there then it would be easy"

and he said

"yeah, i know, Its just I don't know if im ready for that."

i told him that im not forcing him , he's the one who will decide on it, he said

"were both young, i will be 20 next year and u will be 18 but okay, i will think about it"

i told him that im ready, just decide if he wants... (the condition is, when we get a marriage papers, we will not form a family, we will still treat each other bf/gf and not wife and husband, we have to work before we will form a family) .
.. what if he will say yes, what should i do? i feel ready but im not sure if i can handle my part if the time comes. what do you think? am i goig to marry him if he will say yes?

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  • So you've found your little money slave and retirement plan have you? I'll pray for him.


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  • Have you ever actually met this guy? I mean met in person?

    You are 16, you have been in a long distance relationship for 2.5 months and you are thinking about getting married? Very bad idea.