Girls, are you happily with someone but secretly unsatisfied with the same person. and wish they would see it with out telling them?

even when you get the courage to tell them they made you feel like a creep and you hope that they will go beyond there limits for you but never do. and you find your self not being able to be honest because telling them that you're disappointed that they didn't do or act the way you wanted... but at the same time dont say anything because you feel like maybe you're the wrong one trying to make them be diffrent. its so much more complicated , ill give more details to those who really get close.. i want nothing more then to please her , devourer her , taste, smell, inhale her, fell her thighs tremble around my neck and mouth... have both of us be physically and emotionally obsessed with each other.. and so much more.. but she just doesn't make me feel the same way,, am i crazy and wanting the impossible? help


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  • I have never been and I hope I am not like that ever. You can't expect that other person to be a mind reader. I mean, unless if you're dropping some SERIOUS hints and they are completely oblivious, I can understand the frustration.

    But I doubt many people including you are doing that.

    One way to get your relationship back on track is to communicate and that means voicing your problems/issues in the relationship. Once it comes out, you two can work through it. The longer you wait though, the harder it becomes.

  • Say what? I got lost after thighs tremble..

    Are you saying that you hope they can acknowledge their flaws and fix them by themself? Or? What so confused?

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