Non-traditional wedding ring?

Hi everyone 😊
I'm getting married in September and am wondering if there are certain 'rules' about wedding rings as I know traditionally they are a plain band. I'll start at the beginning.
My nan has a ring that I think is beautiful. A white gold marquise (sp?) cut diamond ring that I fell in love with the first time I saw it.
Now when my fiancé proposed to me he did so with a lovely little white gold and diamond solitaire that was all he could afford at the time (I had originally chosen a smaller marquise cut ring but this proved too expensive as he had a particular date in mind for when he wanted to propose.)
Since then, my nan has offered me the gorgeous ring she has as my wedding ring!!
Now my question is, do you think this ring would be ok as my wedding ring. I know the shape is unusual so I would move my engagement ring to my right hand and just wear the 'wedding' ring on my left.
I love this ring so much and am stunned she offered it to me, it would be so special to me to not only be my wedding ring, but a gift from my nan who is my hero <3
Thank you for reading this.

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*also my fiancé is up to date with this plan and thinks it's a great idea. This has nothing to do with my engagement ring from him which I adore!


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  • I would stick to tradition, I get that you have an attachment to your grandmother's ring and that you're honored that she offered it, but in order to wear it you would have to move your engagement ring and the way how you describe it, the ring sounds more like an engagement ring than a wedding band. Plus the best part of the wedding band itself is that you and your husband will have matching bands but here you will have two engagement ring type rings and he'll have a wedding band.


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  • lets just ignore the fact that your man worked his ass off for that ring and your nan just got that out of a dusty box. but shhhh its family time.

    • Just to clarify, I know how hard he worked for my 'engagement ring' and I love it.. This question is about my 'wedding' ring... Totally separate. And he know about my nans ring and thinks it's a great idea. I'm just worried about the tradition side of things.

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    • It wasn't him I was worried about, its the not having a traditional wedding band. I haven't spoken to my church officiant about it yet so don't know if I'm supposed to have a plain band or if my nans ring is fine as long as it's a ring.

    • i honestly dont see why it would be a problem the wedding ring wasn't actually a biblical thing lol.
      it was a company selling diamond rings to make profit look up "why engagement rings are a scam"
      but yeah in Christianity the material gains do not matter to show your love for one another.

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  • In some ways you are keeping with tradition. you are going to use your family heirloom as a wedding band.

    My only concern would be how comfortable will you be wearing it all the time including at work. (eg. will it be safe...)

    • That's true, I guess my only worry is that it's not a band. In truth it looks more like an engagement ring lol.
      And In my work I'm mostly typing, so it should be fine.
      Thank you 😊

  • Whats big deal on that, one can easily handled the non traditional ring, you should have faith over ring, Check this you will get to know many things more.

  • Wear whatever the hell you want. Especially if your dude is cool with it. I think it's sweet.

  • if its what you love and how you want to be represented as his wife then its PERFECT

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