Should a girls previous relationship results be considered while selecting her as a wife? what if her past relationships were horrible?

And also she was careless and casual in relationship before?


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  • There isn't much details... Is she careless around you? Do you honestly think she cares?

    • Yes she is honest now... n also feel she cares... but will she change and again get back to her past nature... or is she just aCting to be gud... cnt find it

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    • On their present attitude. And what you're interested in.. Basically you're afraid of the future. I don't know you and I don't know your girl but if you keep wondering about possibilities you'll never reach a point. Relationships aren't made perfect. There are ups and downs

    • Ya u got my weakness... dat means we will hav to gamble... take a risk... u r a positive prsn dude.. great

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  • Unless she has kids from a past relationship, ignore her past. She is with you now. She ignores your past

  • Good luck finding a girl who doesn't have this history. You don't have to consider her past relationships. Wanna know why? Because it's past. Past is past.


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