Shall I dump him?

Right I just wanted to know other peoples opinion.

I looked through my bf's texts without him knowing this morning to discover he had been flirting with several other girls!

The thing that upset me the most is that he had told me he was going to see his best mate (who's a guy) this weekend, but in the texts it read as if he was going to see this girl he has been flirting with a lot!

I'm in love with my boyfriend, and he says he is in love with me. We are meant to be getting engaged in the new year... but do I dump him before then?

Please help!


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  • Wow

    I don't think so get him more atterctived to you and he might come closer then ever to you then before.


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  • If you guys are planning on getting engaged soon, then you have a problem. The first problem is that your boyfriend is clearly a cheater. Cheaters don't change, so if you stay with this guy and end up getting married, you can look forward to being cheated on for the rest of your life. The other problem is that you guys don't trust each other. It is a bad sign that you feel it necessary to look through his private texts, regardless of what he is doing. Once a relationship is at the point where people are checking up on each other, then in my experience, it is over.

    If I were you, I would ask myself why I would want to be with someone I don't trust and can't trust. I can tell you that life is so much more fun when you don't have to spend time worrying about what your partner is up to behind your back. In my opinion, you should not be thinking about getting married to this guy.