Not sure if I am ready?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for a little over 4 months. He is european and i am persian American. We are extremely happy, we are on the same page with mostly everything, we want kids, we want a dog, and a home together. We love eachother to the moon and back. His parents are abroad and my family is here. He has one sister in the USA who i spend time with but i obviously have not met his parents yet, they are very traditional and its not appropriate to bring me over there with him until we are engaged. he knows my family very well and spends a lot of time with them. My grandmother who i live with is pushing me to get married. Im not sure if i am ready or if he is. I am ready to be engaged but marriage scares me because its definitely hard work. I know he is the one though. My question is, should i try and talk to him to see where his head is, or should i just keep quiet about it and see where the road takes me?

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  • 120 days? Don't you dare!


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  • Dating for 4 months and you wanna get married? Imho I'd hold off on it and just keep riding.

  • Always talk it is a comitment make sure ur both ready. U can be ingaged for awile so do that


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  • You should talk to him.

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