Girls, A very important question for women: Is the fiance (male) wrong to feel hurt?

First let it be known: The fiancé bought her a very expensive engagement ring and wedding ring.

If a girl can afford to buy an expensive wedding band out of pocket or if she saved, but she chooses to buy him a really cheap bottom end one, is the fiancé wrong to feel hurt.

-She can easily afford a moderately expensive wedding band and can afford an expensive one if she saved, but she chose to buy him a really cheap bottom end one. Is the fiancé (male) wrong to feel hurt

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  • I chose yes, but I think it depends on why she chose the cheap one.

    If she just didn't want to spend the money to buy him something nice, then I think it's fair to be upset.

    If she chose the ring because she genuinely thought he'd really like it and it just so happened to be inexpensive, then I don't think he should feel hurt. For example, titanium rings tend to be pretty popular among men, and they are pretty inexpensive. On the other hand, the most expensive men's wedding bans are probably those that have diamonds in them, but not all men want a wedding band with diamonds in it.

    Price isn't necessarily the main factor to consider when choosing a wedding ring (what I mean that you shouldn't necessarily buy the most expensive ring you can afford---you should buy what you think your partner would like, provided it's in your price range).

    • The context i am referring to is when she simply didn't want to spend the money

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    • But apparently it is because of not wanting to spend the money

    • Well, if she said that that's the reason why she bought a cheap one and she had the budget to buy him something nicer, than yeah, I think that's pretty shitty.

      Personally, I love my partner, I love doing nice things for him and making sure he knows how much he means to me... and to me, that includes buying him nice things. My partner isn't a very materialistic person and would probably tell me not to spend much money on a ring for him, but I would still make sure to get him something nice, durable, and that I knew he would like.

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  • When the pair of you go to buy wedding bands, the man should buy the woman's and the woman buys the man's. She buys the one he picks out. Price shouldn't be an object.

    • So you mean whichever want he likes she should buy?

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    • And is it unromantic to go ring shopping for engagement ring before the actual proposal?

    • No... how are you supposed to know what she actually wants?

  • It just sort of depends. Maybe she thought you would like the less expensive one more or like Female Anon said maybe she's saving for a different part of the marriage? Maybe she's just cheap?

    I don't know if it bothers you maybe you can talk to her about it. If you want it to represent something then you should tell her.

  • If Donald Trump got his wife a 1,000 ring, not because he thought it was the most meaningful or the one she liked best, but because it was cheap and kinda nice-then yeah, he would be wrong. But if his wife got his a 1,000 ring because that was what she could afford then that wouldn't be wrong. If he got her a 2 million dollar ring and then felt cheated that she couldn't save and do the same, then he would be wrong.

    I do think if this woman had the means then she should have tried to get him something nice and meaningful. However, he shouldn't feel entitled to an expensive gift.

    Also, if the band was a surprise to be exchanged during the ceremony, how was she to know it would be very expensive? A lot of times the engagement ring is more expensive than the wedding band because 1) it's meant to be flashy and 2) the band is worn all the time and no one wants to loose such an expensive item.

    You know the story more than we do, but she knows her intentions more than you.

  • I don't think he's wrong to feel hurt. If it's really a cheap, bottom end ring, I doubt it's going to last well and probably isn't in a style he would like. I'd want to get my man something he would really like, and he should know I don't mind spending the money to make sure he has it. That ring symbolizes our marriage and commitment - just any old ring that's gonna fall apart won't do. Especially if he bought me very expensive rings, I mean on some level it just isn't fair to not put in money for him too. Last thing I'd want is for him to feel slighted.

  • No. That is kinda crappy dude. Im sorry :( is she saving her money for something else? Maybe a gift for you or a big honeymoon or something?

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