Getting married at 16...

I'm considering marrying someone and I'm 16. Known this person for 3 years he's been my best friend and we've always had a attraction, but have kept it low till now cause of religion and age (He's 6 years older than I).

However we've been talking about getting married over the last couple of months cause obviously I'm older and I want to because I'm not going against my parents and I'm a little more religious and so want to be with him the 'right way'

However last night was getting scared, but at how society would react. I know many people at my college would ridicule me. But my heart is stubborn and is saying people will always be like that you love him so be with him. And its not like I can't go to university because we live far away from each other but we know it wouldn't be like a regular marriage example - me living with him. It'll just be us together like anyways but married.

So I'm guessing I'm asking for advise, has anyone been in this situation how did you handle it? What did you decide on?


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  • you may not want to hear this but nobody is ready to be married at 16. you guys should tay together for now and when you're older he should ask you to marry him because that means he respects the fac that you need to get ur sh*t done first. I'm 16 as well and we have to admit were both still kids. I want you to be happy but reshing into marriage I not the way love . sorry

  • what religion do you follow?