Would a guy be with a girl if he doesn't love her?

okay so... I love a guy and he has a girlfriend now but every time they are gonna meet somewhere she doesn't show up. and it hurts him...and it hurts me cus I want him to be happy...anyway I've been with this guy before (yes, that)...lets just say am the one who he comes back running to every time he gets hurt and I am the one to embraces him with open arms. I just wanna know if he'll eventually notice I love him. my b-day is in a month and he said he was gonna be around.. he is gonna leave for basic training on July 12 and he said I was gonna cry when he leaves. he said this while we were cuddling, he was whispering in my ear...but he told me he'll come back...idk if he feels something for me or not.. I mean before he got a girlfriend he said he loved me, but I didn't say it back so I REALLY regret that.all I wanna know is..would a guy be with a girl if he doesn't love her? I mean I just wanna know what to expect..help.. here is a song I love that reminds me of us. All the same- sick puppies plz help?!?!?!


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  • If he already proposed you then try to propose from your side.

    He made his chance and its your turn now to clear the things with him.


    • But what if he said he loves her? I mean he told me that and it broke my heart. I really regret I didn't say 'i love you' back cus now he loves her and I don't know what to do..should I insist? I don't want him to get tired of me...what do you think?

    • Well,its not easy to take time back but we can control the future relations.

      You must tell her the truth.Rest is assured.

      But if you don't tell him the truth that won't back you a bonus but also insecurity in yourself.

      You must relieve your heart from these pressures.

      Even if he love other girl let the things go with destiny but always maintain good relationship with him.

      If he is in your destiny then he will accept you.

  • You need to wait until they are totally finished with each other...then tell the guy how you feel. You don't want to get involved in his relationship because remember nobody likes a home wrecker.


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