What do Jewish guys and girls think about dating and marrying a Christian?

Hi, Jewish guys and girls. What do you think about dating and marrying a Christian-preferably a devout one (especially a Traditionalist Carholic)? No Jewish-In-Name-Only please! Vote and comment please~

  • Dating yes; marrying yes.
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  • Dating yes; marrying depends.
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  • Dating yes; marrying no.
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  • Dating depends; marrying no.
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  • Dating no; marrying no.
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  • I am Jewish-In-Name-Only or non-Jewish.
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  • I'm dating a Jewish guy and he could care less, his family on the other hand... lol

    • What is his family's reaction? And does he take his faith seriously?

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    • I think as long as you both show respect for each other's religions, there shouldn't be any problems. It's not like you're turning your back on your religion or converting if you join her at a synagogue, strictly buy kosher, not have bread during passover, etc. He celebrates Christmas with me but he doesn't actually "believe" in it. He just does it to respect what I believe. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • I'm a black Christian, and my boyfriend is Jewish. And I wouldn't change a thing


What Guys Said 4

  • Those two don't seem to fit together lol I don't think it would work out the only way it would is if one of them gave up their beliefs for the other one.

    • [Sigh] I am a quite devout Christian and of course I do not want to give up menbelief. I am crushed on a Jewish girl, and she is quite devout. Seems it is a hard situation :(

  • i would marry a jewish girl and date her... but I don't know if her parents would let me...

    @chick180 what's ur thought's would u marry someone diff?

    • I am a Traditionalist Catholic and I have feeling on a Conservative Jewish girl. Not sure how she will feel

    • yeah... i had a crush on this jewish girl in my school... couldn't get too far with her bc of her parents

  • According to the Torah its forbidden to marry a non Jewish one.. Especially a Christian who worships a man as the G-d

  • Would prefer not to, but, I don't mind it. My mom was raised Jewish and she married a catholic, both are now agnostic

    While agnostic is just the questioning of the existence of god, you can also be of a religion as well.

    I consider myself an agnostic Jew. Just because I celebrate Jewish things, doesn't mean I exactly believe in god