Can a non virgin girl who had many hang ups be trusted that she won't repeat same after marraige? If so what will stop them from cheating?

How wil she change and adopt to the situation of staying with one person for the rest of her life?


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  • What do you mean by "many hung ups"

    Personally, I've had quite a few sexual partners and have engaged in casual sex... WHEN I WAS SINGLE.

    The things a person does when they are single are not necessarily representative of how they will act in a relationship. When I'm in a relationship with someone, I'm loyal to a fault. I have never cheated on a partner and have no desire to. If I've made a commitment to be monogamous to my partner, then I'm going to stick with it.

    • Easy to say... but emotions n habits remains... not easy to come back... if u cud control urself after marraige y not b4? a criminalalso says" sory I wnt repeat it again" evrytime he's acused... but he can't get over his habit n again when difficult tym comes takes the easy way again.. so its a risk

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    • N regarding marrying a virgin girl.. Offcourse I wil go for it... but excuse if she was forced or deceived or divorced... I hav ful interest on them... but thing is dat... now a days many girls tend to lie before marraige.. dat they are pure to get married to a good society... but later gets caught after marraige n problem starts... so dis type of situation arise in my life... I should have strong points to proof her wrong... so in order to get such points I asked this questn so that someone can help me... I hav no prblm for non vorgins marrying non virgins... but its virgins marrying non virgins unknowingly... u tried.. I appreciate

    • I m not married... so I meant "if"

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  • Statistically after a women has been with just five men she would be a waste of time in considerarion for marriage.

  • dont risk it they have too make that choice and when they do ull see a huge change in personality if she still acts the same but the words are coming out her mouth that she won't stray from you dont believe her

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