Is there any difference between a pros and a girl who had sex with multiple partners and many hang ups? Is their mentality n desires same?

Can such girls become a good wife?


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  • The difference, self esteem and in a few cases morals. There's a huge difference between selling your body for sex and having sex because you're in a relationship. Their mentality is not the same but their desire probably is; they all want love and to be treated respectfully and kind.

    Yes every woman could potentially make a great wife if mentally healthy.

    • Thank u... but wil her past effect the husband in any stage? n wil she be able to cope uwith one prsn for rest of her life?

    • If she's mentally healthy yes, but there might be times she needs support and that's what good marriage partners do for each other.

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  • They can still become a good wife.

  • A prostitute is paid to have sex with men. A woman who has had many sex partners has not been paid. One is a job. The other is a lifestyle. Both are a choice.

    • Ever heard of sex trafficking or gorilla pimps? High percentage of women in the sex trade business are not their because they chose to be.

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    • I never wrote that, and I'm not going to have a silly pissing contest with you over semantics.

    • That answer was for 9mfeo... n regarding urs I would say that u r ri8 the trafficked women r innocent n bound... but what about those girls who willing hav sex with many partners..

  • of course they can become a good wife, everyone has a freaky side (yes, even women)

    • Thank u... but wil their desires effect in t stages f her life... f situation ari that she is not being active for some days due to husband's outings or unavailabiLity?

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    • I can't speak for all women or people who just cheat out of boredom in a relationship but for me personally, once I get into a committed relationship with someone I really like or (my current situation) get into a casual situation with a guy I really really love, even if its just sex, I will become emotionally attached and loyal and only desire to be with them.

    • Thnk u.. n do be faithful n u wil b happy.. best wshes

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  • A person sexual history is not a roadmap to their future.

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