Is it possible to hide a marriage from your parents when you are on their insurance?

Ok so my boyfriend and I live in separate states due to him being in the military. And while he s over 25, a college graduate, and had lived on his own for years before he joined, he is still viewed as a child and needs to live in the barracks. I recently had to move back home myself due to some unfortunate circumstances and am still on my dad s health insurance plan since I m under 25. If we get married then he can move off base and I get my dog and cat back by living with him. I know that my parents won t be happy about my decision but I also know that it s the best decision for me and my boyfriend. Is there any way to hide this marriage from my parents until I can move out here to be with him?


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  • it would be the same.. but i would switch to ur husbands insurance.. mine 200 a month bc of my car and the Bike

    • I would too because tricare is amazing but then my dad would be getting a letter from his insurance company notifying him of the switch.

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    • A little. Unless u have a good relationship with the agent.

    • Thanks for the MHO !

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  • Why not tell your parents and do it with their blessing
    Most parents are filled with joy when there child wants to get married

    • I just got out of an engagement to another man that was a real prick so they want me to regain my youth or whatever. They don't even really like the fact that I'm already in a new relationship.

    • Discussing things often is the easiest solution ➕ they are kind of → to be scared for you but if you sit down and talk I'm sure they will listen
      After all you are still there young princess who they bought candies for

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  • I'm not exactly sure how that works... but just get into ur Hubby's insurance...

    • I know that but then a letter would be sent to my dad from his insurance company stating that I'm no longer with them.

    • Yea that's true... hmm...
      Maybe u could just tell them the truth?

    • But then I don't get my things out of their houses

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