Girls, How to talk to my wife about reenlistment in the Military?

How to talk to wife about reenlistment in the Military. What would you girls say or do if your husband/bf just got outta the army and wanted to go back. Or did go back?


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  • It's definitely a huge decision!

    My boyfriend contracts overseas, and is gone 6 months a year. If he ever had the opportunity to try out for something like CAG, I know he'd want to do it in a heartbeat and that would be very tough from my end, because although of course I want him to realize his dreams, a part of me would be feeling like he's choosing/valuing a career over me.

    I'd probably do everything in my power to start making her feel super special and valuable to you... and then talk about how reenlisting would be beneficial for both of your futures so she can see that you aren't doing it just for you, but so you both reach your life goals. And definitely ask her thoughts so it doesn't seem like you are the only one making the decision.

    Also consider your reasons for reenlisting and see if you can't supplement those reasons with a different job that wouldn't require you to be gone or possibly in a combat situation.


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  • I sure wouldn't like it. You're gonna have to give her some time to get used to the idea.

  • I would never date a guy in the army to begin with.. however, to answer your question, I'm guessing she'll be upset. rightfully so.

    • Why rightfully so?

    • Allow me to rephrase it. Mystify and I have been together since we were 14 and I decided to join the army after we were engaged. Got out and we have been married for a little over 6 months. But being in made me want to get out.. Now I am out i can't ever talk to her about it things that happened. And anything about the army. I have gone through a lot of "changes" trying to be more. Sensitive and, understanding to begin with. My "doc" said I should tell her everything is all the advice I got from him. But we always argue about it.

  • Depends on MOS, time in service, pay grade, odds of deployment etc.

    Impossible to answer.

    • 11B 4 years and 32 weeks and was deployed 2 times. And E-4 however.. That doesn't matter to her soooooooooo I don't understand your answer

    • What's hard to understand? All those are factors. 11B means danger. E4 means low pay and you might night make E5 soon which means you're maxed on pay no matter how many years you have in.

      Also, Military means moving frequently.

      You asked. So you already know it's not the same as any old job. No clue why any moron would down vote my comment.

      Obviously if you were an O4 who was a REMF, you wouldn't be asking.