Girls, Why marry?

Ladies what is the point of getting married? I mean I find it pointless, its like having a girlfriend just that she is not called your girlfriend but your wife... I find that some females turn wild after marriage (some guys too), its like they ask for a divorce, but they were so much calm and collected when they were simply a girlfriend... so why bother?

please avoid the word commitment in your answer.

Thank you for your comments, case is now closed, I just don't see how it will change the way I see the moon or change the taste of my sandwich any better.

Maybe, I might change my mind at 40 ;)


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  • There are benefits to marriage that simply aren't available in common-law relationships. Many will say that being common-law is just the same, but it's not. Marriage can be beneficial when you're asking for loans, your insurance premiums go down, you are creating social capital, and are legally secure with your spouse should anything happen to you or them. It's also considered a virtue still. To call someone your husband or wife shows the obligation and promise you have to each other. Most women end up being tired of being called the "girlfriend" as it still has a bit of a juvenile sound to it. (This is what my female friends tell me.) They want to be regarded as more. The word wife will do it, a ring on the finger is code to everyone that you are bound to someone. Marriage is actually a good thing, not a bad thing. Read some statistics on the health and wealth benefits married couples have over singles. To other people socially or professionally, it's a sign that you have made a choice to be bound to one person which shows your pledge to take one person to be your partner for life legally - which says something about your marriage and how you feel about your partner.

    • The financial side you mentioned may be something some couples may put into consideration, however anyone can be bound to one person if they choose to. Marriage just sounds so serious involving the law and all that like its such a big deal. No I still don't thing its worth it, but thanks for your comment.

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    • So I'm confused then, what is it you wanted to know? If you admit it's "not too different" than tells me that there is some slight difference. Is the slight different part of being married what you wanted to know? I guess the best answer you'll get it from your own girlfriend if that's what this question refers to. We're all just here to help answer what you're asking. Anyway, you're welcome for the opinion. Take care, and good luck. :)

    • No need to be confused, I judge myself before others, but I wanted to find a reason to accept marriage not to reject it, but there is nothing about it that impresses me nor excites me, I think possibly because one of the most and worst put off in my entire life that I witnessed was my father's remarriage, my uncle said she was never like this (wild idiot) before marriage, what happened? ... In conclusion its not worth it, not for me. Good luck to you as well and thanks for your comment.

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  • Girls, Why marry?
    I see no reason for a gal to marry other than a tax break. It's telling to me how the end of marriage, divorce, seems to benefit gals more than marriage.

    • Simply, some ladies divorce one and never have to fuckin work again.

  • It's just tradition!

    • So you agree with me that its pointless going too deep? I mean bring the priest and let him sing for you two but legally I find it creates some kind of power struggle.

    • It is a bit pointless.

    • Thanks for the comment.

  • your take on it is very interesting.. kind of odd. I hear a lot more guys complain of their girlfriends being crazy than I hear guys with wives saying that.

    anyway, it isn't just about the label.

    • Someone in my family was remarried to a lady he thought was very kind, but after marriage her face turned, she is a very angry woman, every day is shouting in his home. I honestly don't see any sign of love what so ever.

  • Getting married is a union with the person that you love the most. The kind of love that you are willing to protect that person and vice versa. No matter what obsitcles that you two would face those are all tests in life in order to prove your love to each other. Getting married to someone is the choice that you make. If you want to spend the rest of your days with your partner. Love is a strength beyond any physical strength.

    • What you said is beautiful, and love is a strength indeed, but can't you love your partner that way if you were not married to him?

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    • I see what you mean. Thank you for your comments.

    • You are welcome.