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Ok, so me and my man have been dating for 6 months. He is basically the most amazing man I have ever met we have so much in common and he may not be perfect but we are prefect together.

Now we have been living together for about 3 months and we started a talk about marriage recently. We were IM'ing back and forth from work and I mentioned that if I were to choose an age to get married it would be 23, I'M 21 NOW. He asked me why I said if, I told him that I don't see him proposing anytime soon, he asked me then well what time of year would you like to be married?

I answered that the fall would be ideal and he answered and how much time do you need to plan a wedding I answered at least 9 months. He merely said ok. I was wondering if he is thinking to pop the question anytime soon? What do you guys and girls think?

Oh yea he gave me a promise ring, and were talking about people we'd invite if we were to get married and how much it would cost. Also we're thinking and talking about moving to Virginia together.

  • He's gonna ask you in a year if not less!
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  • He's not even thinking marriage, think promise ring.
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  • Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense to me. The two of you have only been seeing each other for 6 months and he already wants to marry you. The guy has issues and he's hiding them from you. I would suggest you move in with him first for at least another 6 months before you decide on marrying the guy. Also, I have already seen a lot of women on Dating websites that were divorced before they turned 30 because they rushed into marriage. If the two of you like each other then I suggest the two of you wait until after you both turn 25. Marriage sounds great and all from the beginning but in reality it's a lot of hard work. I'm 26 and never been married but even I know how much it takes to be married to just one person for the rest of my life.

    • I understand where you are coming from. People do change a lot during that age. Thanks for you input

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  • This is a bit of a tangent, and you're probably not going to want to hear this, but I strongly recommend waiting to get married. People change A LOT in their 20s for a variety of reasons and it's best just to wait.

    If you're interested in being together, move in together and live like that for a few years first. The younger you are the longer you should go about seeing if you can tolerate each other. Seriously give it some time and thought before jumping into anything.

    • Thanks a lot for the input and I agree with you even if he were to propose I wouldn't want to get married for a while. I like that. Thanks again!

  • Yeah he is thinking of popping the question, its just you are making him feel like your not sure if you want to marry him and it's making him insecure. I mean if someone wants to do something they will do it, if they are not sure they will make excuses, and he feels that. Well that's how he interprets it.

    Damn he's got it bad for you. I would put it to him like this. Hey check it out I do want to marry you I love you but I always hear that when things happen fast they fall apart fast, like relationships are married fast that we will get divorced fast. And I really love you and don't want that to happen to us. Its not that I'm afraid of marrying you and spending my life with you, its that if we jump in too fast we are gonna put a lot of added emotion and stress on this relationship, and its going great now I don't want to add too much stress and us get mad at each other and break up. You know what I mean? Is that good?

    • Thanks for your input and I understand what you mean about things that start fast end fast, but I'm not sure that applies to everyone. See I have been married before. So I do have an ex husband we actually dates for 5 years, he cheated on me and we still worked it out, needless to say I'm not sure if time is as important as the person your thinking of marrying but again thanks you helped a lot!

    • Welcome

  • Its hard to tell he might of been a little confused since you put a age on when you liked to get married. Marriage is more of when you feel it is the time when both of you feel it is right. I doubt he is going to pop the question cause you guys have been going out for 6 months. I wouldn't worry about marriage as of now or if he is going to pop the question just try to get to know him more on a deeper level. I hope it all goes well!

    • Yeap! ^^ well by giving my age I wasn't implying like a limit or something you know lol. I mean when you're ready you're ready, but I wouldn't get married earlier than that. I didn't want to make him feel pressured though.

    • Oh I understand what you mean just got to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

  • Sounds like he's sizing everything up, He's thinking about asking you soon. Really sounds like he's getting ready to


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