What does it mean when a guy says that his fiance feels more like his mother than his wife?

What is a guy saying when he says this? What does it mean? How bad is it? My guy friend said this to me about his fiance... it seems pretty bad, but amongst other things he said, this really stuck out to me as the most shocking.


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  • Some guys want a motherly type. If he doesn't then I'd say things aren't going good

    • No... he meant it in a bad way...

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    • That sucks, sorry

    • I guess it's up to him to make a good decision.

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  • It could mean she tells him what to do, has some habit his mother had or simply that the excitement has worn off. Ask him.

  • It means all she does is nag him and treats him like he is a child.

    • Ah, yeah, that's what it seemed like their relationship was all about.

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