What are the chances that I marry him?

I have been close with this guy for 7 years, he always compliments me and says he likes me.
His mum and I had a talk about how his last marriage didn't work and she would like it if I got together with him. However he acts awkward at times.
So to answer the question?

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  • 7 years?

    chances r gr8 then

  • 7 years is a long time to be together, but you don't sound super excited about the prospects of marrying him.

    • Cause I'm unsure

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    • No if he wants to.

    • Well I think at 7 years you should feel comfortable enough to have a conversation about it. Or at least hint at it in a conversation and see what he says. He might be terrified of committing to a wedding band and is just stringing you along hoping you don't say anything

  • You might get married. But if you do, you'll definitely divorce. Take a look at second marriage stats. Doomed relationship.


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